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I am Jigar Saraswat

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I am Jigar Saraswat

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I am Jigar Saraswat

Online PR,
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I am Jigar Saraswat

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Jigar Joshi, widely famous as Jigar Saraswat is an Indian content writer, Author, Blogger, Senior Editor working from 2015-16 in this vast field of Digital Marketing, PR, Content marketing.

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About Me.

Jigar Joshi, widely famous as Jigar Saraswat is an Indian content writer, Author, Blogger, Senior Editor working from 2015-16 in this vast field of Digital Marketing, PR, Content marketing. He has been providing Content writing services like Article writing, Press release writing, Blog writing, Website writing services etc for many years.

Top Digital marketing agencies of India, the US, UK, Canada, Australia are working with him.

He knows how to provide SEO friendly content for websites, social media platforms and for press releases. He and his team Rajasi Media also write news website content writing.

He aims to take Rajasi Media to Top content writing companies in India and world.

Now sharing knowledge of content writing his by publishing new books on content writing, PR and how to run a news website.

Born on 4-4-1986 in Mumbai brought up in Zalawad Surendranagar-Wadhwan. I come from a Modest Kutchi Family. Kothara Abdasa Kutch is the place from where we belong.

Started freelance content writing in 2016-17 all thanks to one of my friend who gave me the chance to write in one political campaign in Gujarat. Since then, I have come a long way as a freelance content writer.

It has been a fantastic journey for me as a content writer and till now got the chance to learn many things in, Digital Marketing and Content writing. Thanks to people who allowed me to prove my content writing skills.

I never thought I had a writer in me, and that too Digital.

I have learned all the unavoidable and latest things. Now adjusting to new Algorithms of various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Trying new tools related to content writing can help me and the Individuals and brands I give my services.

I have gathered my experience by writing in various niches, worked with thousands of clients and helped them achieve their goals, whether it is Individual marketing or increasing brand value, by using my content writing.

From 2017 to 2020, I have worked with Individual brands, fashion, I.T., Political campaigns, Account companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, websites, blogs, digital marketing agencies in India, the USA, U.K. and many more.

Today many Top freelance content writers in Gujarat, Mumbai and various parts of India are working with me as a team. I am building a strong team of high-quality content writers in India or top content writers in India who can work globally and make India proud by giving A-grade content writing services to websites like bloggers and article writers.

Working on various projects like 25hournews.com, indiandailypost.com, and many more news sites are in the pipeline. With my experience, I know how to increase sites DA PA of the website and take the website to the top in every search engine in a short time.

I am also taking my keen interest in developing my brand value with Rajasi Media, the best content writing agency of Gujarat and India or Top content writing services providing company in India. Best Online PR agency of Gujarat and India and Best Online Reputation management company of Gujarat and India.

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